Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Takeshi Inomata & His West Liners - Liner Note

Year : 1967
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Takt Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : Hard Bop, Bossa Nova, Afro Cuban Jazz

Recorded in 1967 for the Nippon Columbia label and released under the Takt Jazz Series, here The West Liners, a top jazz combo lead by the japanese drummer Takeshi Inomata featuring Masaru Imada, Tetsuo Fushimi, Shigeo Suzuki and Sadanori Nakamure. The group was recruited by american jazz vocalist Helen Merrill for her In Tokyo & Sings Screen Favorites albums released in 1963 & 1966, and has proven all the extent of his talent. Liner Note is a blend of Jazz & Latin music including some great jazz covers, standards and classics from Miles Davis, George Gershwin, Herbie Hancock, Antonio Carlos Jobim or Mongo Santamaria. The side A contains jazz titles played in the Bossa Nova style (Old Devil Moon, Summertime) & covers (Meditation, Panteno), but also Samba (La Grita). The rest of the album contains titles from Afro Cuban Jazz (Afro-Blue) & Cool Jazz (Freddie Freeloader) to Hard Bop (Cantaloupe Island). All tracks arranged by Takeshi Inomata.

Takeshi Inomata_drums
Tatsuro Takimoto_bass
Masaru Imada_piano
Sadanori Nakamure_guitar
Shigeo Suzuki_alto saxophone
Ichiro Mimori_tenor saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet  

01. Old Devil Moon
02. Sometime Ago
03. Summertime
04. La Grita
05. Meditation
06. Panteno
07. Afro-Blue
08. Cantaloupe Island
09. Tiny's Blue
10. All Blues
11. Freddie Freeloader
12. Eighty-One


Norio Maeda Trio - We Three Jazz

Year : 1978
Label : ADAM
Genre : Jazz
Style : Modal, Contempory Jazz
Jazz cover album performed by Norio Maeda Trio including his sideman drummer Takeshi Inomata & Yasuo Arakawa plus special guest apparence by american shakuhachi player (japanese bamboo flute) John 'Kaizan' Neptune. Titles include Jazz standards by Victor Young, John Lewis or Duke Ellington and the Maeda's original Blues featuring John 'Kaizan' Neptune. All tracks arranged by Norio Maeda.
Norio Maeda_piano
Yasuo Arakawa_bass
Takeshi Inomata_drums

01. Stella by Starlight
02. Django
03. I'll Remenber April
05. Like Someone In Love
06. In The Sentimental Mood
07. Five Pennies-Lullaby Ragtime

Yuji Ohno Trio - LUPIN THE THIRD [JAZZ] - Plays The "Standards"

Year : 2003
Label : VAP
Genre : Jazz
Style : Contempory Jazz, Cool Jazz
Website : 大野雄二 Official Website - Vap

With this sixth volume of Lupin The Third JAZZ series, Yuji Ohno pays tribute to his peers. Titles include two Lupin III classic melodies (Theme From Lupin The Third, Treasure of Time) and eight jazz standards among others C Jam Blues, Autumn Leaves, S'Wonderful or also the theme song from the Disney's animated film Pinocchio  (When You Wish Upon A Star). All tracks performed and arranged by Yuji Ohno Trio. 

Yuji Ohno_piano
Masayuki Tawarayama_bass
Kenichiro Murata_drums
01. C Jam Blues 
02. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)
03. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 
04. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise 
05. When You Wish Upon A Star 
06. Theme From Lupin The Third
07. It Could Happen to You 

08. Treasure of Time
09. S'Wonderful
10. My Foolish Heart


A State Of Mind - Crown Yard

Year : 2011
Label : Wagram
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Hip Hop Jazz/Funk

A.S.M. are two MCs (Green-T & FP) and one beatmaker (Fade) from England who played Hip-Hop, Reggae and Trip-Hop. Revealed by French DJ Wax Tailor, they collaborated with him on Positively Inclined from HOPE & SORROW (2007), Say Yes from In the Mood for Life (2009) and Guaranteed from their first LP Platypus Funk (2010). On Platypus Funk, they also collaborated with DJ Vadim, Sadat X, Wildchild and Bonobo. They surrounded by a soul and funky backing band (among 6ixtoys players Marco Bernardis on tenor sax, Paul Burton on trombone, Tom Ashbrook on keyboards) make the album as Blaxploitation soundtrack. Cuts & Scratches by Stab. Produced & arranged by Fade.

01. Splice The Mainbrace
02. Cool Runnings
03. Don't Look Back
04. Give It Up (feat. Esther Cowens)
05. Rhodes Less Travelled
06. Count It
07. Hide & Seek (feat. Cornell Campbell)
08. Gone Fishin'
09. Lovelife
10. Testimony (feat. Mattic from The Others)
11. Rawskank Redemption (feat. Justin Percival)
12. The Heist
13. Milk Thistle
14. Double Negative
15. Limbo

Funky DL - Amy Winehouse Volume 2 : Back To Rap

Year : 2010
Label : Washington Classics
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Hip Hop Jazz

The Hip-Hop Jazz project 'Funky DL samples Amy Winehouse Vol. 2' from Back To Black album, brings together several Hip-Hop artists from Londonian scene produced by Washington Classics (founded by Funky DL) as Ricko Capito, Dukus Alemay, Pyrelli, MCD, Addictive, Sus, K9, Lei-an.Funky DL, thank you to allow us to download free this album !

For more informations : visit here...

01. Intro
02. Can't Keep Lying
03. Together
04. I Told You I Was Trouble
05. And I Wake Up Alone
06. Owe Nothing To Me
07. The Chips Were Down
08. Put It In Writing
09. What She Running From
10. I Can Get Mine
11. Gold For A Fool
12. Outro

Wax Tailor - HOPE & SORROW

Year : 2007
Label : Atmosphériques
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop
Style : Downtempo, Hip Hop Jazz

Second LP from the french Trip-Hop & Hip-Hop producer. He invited several artists to collaborate : Sharon Jones (The Way We Lived), Voice (The Games You Play), A.S.M. (Positively Inclined), Ursula Rucker (We Be) and as on Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies, Charlotte Savary (The Man with No Soul, To Dry Up & Alien in My Belly), US Hip-Hop band The Others (House of Wax). Marina Quaisse plays cello on The Man With No Soul, Positively Inclined & To Dry Up. Cuts, samples & scratches by Wax Tailor. Mixed by Laurent Collat & Wax Tailor.

01. Once Upon A Past
02. The Way We Lived
03. The Games You Play
04. The Tune
05. The Man With No Soul
06. Radio Broadcast
07. Positively Inclined
08. Sometimes
09. House Of Wax
10. Beyond Words
11. To Dry Up
12. We Be
13. That Case
14. There Is Danger
15. Alien In My Belly

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kool & The Gang - Light Of Worlds

Year : 1974
Label : De-Lite
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

The Kool & The Gang's fifth album featuring the Pazant Brothers, and including Boogie funk, R 'N' B & Jazz Funk styles. As usual, some songs were sampled by various famous Hip-Hop artists like Gang Starr or Pete Rock &amp CL Smooth  (Summer Madness).The Pazant Brothers played on the Light Of Worlds's song.

Robert 'Kool' Bell_bass
George 'Funky' Brown_Drums
Khalis Bayyan_tenor saxophone
Claydes E. X. Smith_guitar
Rick West_keyboards
Dennis 'D.T.' Thomas_alto saxophone
Robert 'Spike' Mickens_trumpet, flugelhorn
Alvin Pazant_trumpet
Eddie Pazant_oboe, alto saxophone

01. Street Corners Symphony
02. Fruitman
03. Rhyme-Tyme People
04. Light Of The Worlds
05. Whiting H. & G.
06. You Don't Have To Change
07. Higher Plane
08. Summer Madness
09. Here After

Betty Davis

Year : 1973
Label : Just Sunshine Records
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul, Rock

Soul Rock Fusion with a funky slapping bass (Anti Love Song) and the screaming powerfull voice of Betty Davis, produced by Greg Errico (ex-Sly & The Family Stone). The Miles Davis' second wife (introduced him to Jimi Hendrix) surrounded by a great line-up as Larry Graham (bass) from Graham Central Station (and ex-Sly & The Family Stone), Greg Errico (drums), Neal Schon (guitar) from Santana band, Jules Broussard (baritone saxophone), Greg Adams (trumpet) from Tower Of Power and contributions from Sylvester, The Pointer Sisters (backing vocals). Written & arranged by Betty Davis.

01. If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
02. Walkin Up The Road
03. Anti Love Song
04. Your Man My Man
05. Ooh Yeah
06. Steppin In Her I. Miller Shoes
07. Game Is My Middle Name
08. In The Meantime

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soil & Pimp Sessions - Planet Pimp

Year : 2008
Label : Victor
Genre : Jazz, Electronic
Style : Broken Beat, Contempory Jazz, Fusion

The same ingredients as their previous albums : a supercharged jazz with energic grooves, soul spirit throughout the record. After this album (their fifth), they will be present on the U.S. music market.

01. I.N.T.R.O
02. Hollow
03. Storm
04. Fantastic Planet
05. Go Next!
06. Darkside
07. Sea of Tranquility
08. The World is Filled by...
09. Khamasin
10. Struggle
11. ミンガスファンクラブ
12. Mars
13. Satsuriku Rejects
14. Sorrow

Monday, December 12, 2011

Akira Ishikawa & His Group - Drum Yagibushi Drum

Year : 1971
Label : Crown
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic, Traditionnal

Akira Ishikawa revisits the japanese popular folk songs from Yagibushi & Ondo. These two traditional japanese music genres are associated to various dances forms, by the using a set of traditional japanese drums & percussions as the taiko. The group plays Rock 'N' Roll mixing  Progressive Jazz, Psychedelia & World music, featuring probably Hiromasa Suzuki on electric piano and arrangements.

01. Otemoyan
02. Mamurogawa Ondo
03. Saitaro Bushi
04. Akita Ondo
05. Kiso Bushi
06. Kagoshima Ohara Bushi
07. Sado Okesa
08. Hanagasa Ondo
09. Awa Odori
10. Aizu Bandaisan
11. Yagi Bushi
12. Soran Bushi
13. Yasuki Bushi
14. Miike Tanko Bushi


Count's Jazz Rock Band

Year : 2005
Label : Bridge Inc.
Genre : Rock
Style : Jazz Rock, Blues

Count's Jazz Rock Band is a instrumental Jazz Rock Blues group formed by Kenji Omura, Takeo Yamamura and Martin Willweber from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Later Kenji & Martin will evolve in the Jun Fukamachi group, especially for Triangle Session tour in 1977 featuring The Breckers Brothers. This compilation brings together rare live tracks and studio recordings between 1969 and 1971, including original compositions and four cover songs (Johnny Guitar, She's A Woman, Count's Rock Blues & This Guy's In Love With You).  

Kenji Omura_guitar
Takeo Yamamura_bass
Martin Willweber_drums 

01. Kenji's Shuffle
02. The Waltz II
03. Grasshopper's Blues
04. The Fast One
05. Johnny Guitar (Victor Young/Peggy Lee)
06. She's A Woman (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
07. Suite Part 1
08. Suite Part 2
09. Count's Rock Blues (Steve Marcus)
10. This Guy's In Love With You (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)


Funky DL - A Classic Example Of A...

Year : 2010
Label : Bad News Records
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Hip Hop Jazz
Website : Washington Classics 

On the Japanese label Bad News Records, a Funky DL' album mixing Hip-Hop Soul & Jazz. Several featuring with turnabilist DJ Stixx on Rhymin' 76, MC Dukus Alemay on Rhymin' 76, Your Night & Hold On, Wait Up, and Lei-An on C'Mon, Star Signs & Wealthy. Produced by Funky DL & Kazutoshi Chiba.

01. Falling Up
02. Rhymin' 76
03. C'Mon
04. Your Night
05. My 20
06. Copy & Paste
07. Star Signs
08. Someone To Love
09. Hold On, Wait Up
10. Listen
11. Wealthy
12. I Am Music/Quattro
13. The Countdown
14. Tell Me Something
15. Seven
16. Rhymin' 76 Remix

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here Comes Shuggie Otis

Year : 1970
Label : Epic/Sony
Genre : Soul, Rock
Style : Psychedelic Soul/Funk

His first album produced by his father, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, arranger and producer Johnny Otis. He 's surrounded by, in particular, The Crusaders Wilton Felder (electric bass & harpsichord) and Stix Hooper (drums), the Hard-Bop bassit player Al McKibbon. Oxford Gray is reminiscent of the Jimi Hendrix' style with his big guitar solo. Shuggie plays mainly guitar but also piano and harpsichord. From Rhythm & Blues to Psychedelic Soul, orchestration arranged by Johnny Otis.

01. Oxford Gray
02. Jennie Lee
03. Bootie Cooler
04. Knowing (That You Want Him)
05. Funky Thithee
06. Shuggie's Boogie
07. Hurricane
08. Gospel Groove
09. Baby, I Needed You
10. The Hawks

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Earth, Wind And Fire - The Need Of Love

Year : 1971
Label : Warner
Genre : Soul
Style : Psychedelic Soul/Funk

The last album with the original band before Maurice and Verdine White recruit new players and moved to Columbia. A over nine-minute free jazz and funky track marks the beginning of the album with Oscar Brashear' trumpet solo. At this time the group is formed by Maurice (drums, percussion, kalimba, vocals) and Verdine White (bass), Michael Beal (guitar, harmonica) Yackov Ben Israel (percussion, congas) Don Whitehead (piano, electric piano, vocals) Chet Washington (tenor saxophone) Alex Thomas (trombone) Sherry Scott & Wade Flemons (vocals).

01. Energy
02. Beauty
03. I Can Feel It In My Bones
04. I Think About Lovin' You
05. Everything Is Everything

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire De Melody Nelson

Year : 1971
Label : Philips
Genre : Rock
Style : Experimental, Psychedelic Pop

The Story Of Melody Nelson is the first concept album of Serge Gainsbourg and, probably, the most representative work of the french Pop Avant-Garde from the second half of twentieth century, with Jazz Rock influences, Symphonic expressions & spoken words inspired by the French literature. According to the Rolling Stone magazine, its the 4th greatest French rock album being part of the main influences for various contemporary artists such as Air, David Holmes, Jarvis Cocker, Portishead or likewise Beck. Melody was recorded with the collaboration of arranger Jean-Claude Vannier (L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches - 1972), with the participation of his wife (the second, after the brilliant Jane Birkin - Serge Gainsbourg album released two years before), the Opéra Comique' choir and the orchestra "les Jeunesses Musicales de Paris (de France)". All are supported by a line-up which consists of french/british musicians featuring Big Jim Sullivan, Jean-Luc Ponty from Mahavishnu Orchestra & Brian Odgers from Apollo 100. Titles include Melody, Valse de Melody, L'hôtel Particulier & Cargo Culte composed by Serge Gainsbourg, the Ballade De Melody Nelson, Ah! Melody & the funky En Melody by Serge Gainsbourg & JC Vannier. All tracks arranged & conducted by JC Vannier, recorded at Marble Arch Studios, London and Studio Des Dames, Paris between 1970-1971.

Serge Gainsbourg_vocals, guitar, piano
Jane Birkin_vocals
Jean-Claude Vannier & Roger Coulam_keyboards
Vick Flick_lead guitar
Big Jim Sullivan_rhythm guitar
Jean-Luc Ponty_violin
Brian Odgers_bass
Dougie Wright_drums

01. Melody
02. Ballade de Melody Nelson
03. Valse de Melody
04. Ah! Melody
05. L'hôtel particulier
06. En Melody
07. Cargo culte


Friday, November 25, 2011

Serge Gainsbourg - Initials B.B.

Year : 1968
Label : Philips
Genre : Rock
Style : Pop

Serge Gainsbourg introduces a new route in his prolific career, leaving Jazz to Pop music, a genre he knows well since it has already composed for several French entertainers previously. This album includes several tracks recorded between 1965 and 1968, some in the studio Fontana (Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde, Shu Ba Du Ba Loo Ba, Qui Est In Qui Est Out, Marilu in 1965) and the studio Chappell (Bloody Jack, Initials B.B., Black And White, Ford Mustang in 1968) in London. The famous french Pop song anthem Initials BB (nickname of Brigitte Bardot) echo the arrangements of the Dvorak' Symphony No. 9 From the New World. Arranged & Conducted by David Whitaker for Comic Strip, Torrey Canyon and Hold-Up, Michel Colombier for Bonnie & Clyde, Arthur Greenslade for the other pieces. All tracks written by Serge Gainsbourg.

01. Initials B.B.
02. Comic Strip
03. Bloody Jack
04. Docteur Jekyll Et Monsieur Hyde
05. Torrey Canyon
06. Shu Ba Du Ba Loo Ba
07. Ford Mustang
08. Bonnie And Clyde
09. Black And White
10. Qui Est In Qui Est Out
11. Hold Up
12. Marilu


Deodato - Whirlwinds

Year : 1974
Label : MCA
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz

Producer and arranger since the 1960s, Eumir Deodato brazilian keyboardist and arranger was collaborated with Wes Montgomery, Astrud Gilberto, Marcos Valle. He played straight ahead and crossover jazz in the seventies, in particular for CTI and later worked on orchestrations & arrangements for Kool & The Gang or Björk (Homogenic). It features John Tropea, Romeo Penque, Billy Cobham, Urbie Green plus strings ensemble and brass band. Titles include Moonlight Serenade, variation of Do It Again, the funky Havana Strut and Whirlwinds also known under the name of Tropea. All tracks arranged, conducted & produced by Deodato.

Eumir Deodato_keyboards, percussion
John Giuliano & Tony Levin_bass
Alvin Brehm & Russel Savakus_accoustic bass
John Tropea_electric guitar 
Billy Cobham_drums
Ruben Bassini_percussion, congas & bongos
Jon Faddis_trumpet
Romeo Penque_saxophone 
Urbie Green_trombone

01. Moonlight Serenade
02. Ave Maria
03. Do It again
04. West 42nd Street
05. Havana Strut
06. Whirlwinds

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Janko Nilovic - Soul Impressions

Year : 1975
Label : Montparnasse 2000
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Funk/Soul, Pop

Rare collector from French Music Library, reissued by Vadim Music, originally released under the french cult label, Montparnasse 2000. Soul Impressions is one of best Fench Music library productions which contains great breakbeats, funky flute & horns, wah-wahs guitar and roaring bass, make it a essential to have for all the Music Library Lovers. Eclectic sound from Pop, Easy Listenning, Jazz Rock &  even Samba with the killer tunes Hippocampus, Crazy Enterprise & Drug Song. Music arranged & conducted by Janko Nilovic & Dave Sucky.

01. Hippocampus
02. Open Country
03. Crazy Enterprise
04. Soul Impressions
05. Lettre De Mer
06. Drug Song
07. Man Of Genius
08. Push Push
09. Black Swan Lake
10. Lady Day
11. To And Fro
12. Family Tree


Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Biwa

Year : 1972
Label : RCA
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic Moods, World, Free improvisations

Rock Joint Biwa - Kumikyoku Fulukotofumi, is the first part of two musical projects (the  second is Rock Joint Cither), recorded during the same recording session, mixing Jazz Rock & World Music. These are the best known japanese traditional instruments which are used here, the string instruments wadaiko & biwa, respectively performed by Akira Ishikawa & Kuifumi Miyake. Hiromasa Suzuki, surrounded himself by talented japanese musicians as Kunimitsu Inaba, Takeru Muraoka & Kiyoshi Sugimoto, has also recruited a strings group, the Tamaki Quartet, adding some cinematic mood to his work. Titles include Hayabusawake To Medori No Okimi, Uruwashito Saneshisaneteba & Hi No Kawa featuring the Tamaki Quartet, the psychedelic grooves Ashiharashiko Kamuyamatoiwarehiko & Ananiyashiewotomewo, the relaxing Watatsumi No Irokonomiya, and at last, the musical suite for biwa, Yamatoshi Uruwashi. All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki..
Hiromasa Suzuki_piano, electric piano
Kunimitsu Inaba_bass
Hideo Sekine_drums
Kuifumi Miyake_biwa
Akira Ishikawa_wadaiko
Kiyoshi Sugimoto_guitar
Takehisa Suzuki_trumpet
Takeru Muraoka_tenor saxophone
Tadataka Nakazawa_trombone
Tamaki Quartet_strings

01. Ame No Iwayado
02. Hayabusawake To Medori No Okimi
03. Ashiharashiko
04. Uruwashito Saneshisaneteba
05. Kamuyamatoiwarehiko
06. Hi No Kawa
07. Ananiyashiewotomewo
08. Watatsumi No Irokonomiya
09. Yamatoshi Uruwashi


Yoshiaki Masuo - 24

Year : 1970
Label : CBS/Sony
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic, Free Improvisations
Website :

The essential masterpiece of Yoshiaki Masuo is a Progressive Jazz album characterized by an eclectic style from Jazz Rock to the Rhythm & Blues with some Free improvisations & Psychedelic sounds. The whole of the album is brilliant, the Woodstock generation's legacy, just as the influence of the Miles Davis' Bitches Brew album, hangs over here and there, in particular on Round Trip : Coming (a composition of Sadao), a kind of a synthesis of the Rock 'N' Roll spirit. The rest of the album include some others pearls as Uptight, the Pop-Folk song Shirley or the Blues Rock, Dirty Mashy Toe. As on Winds Of Barcelona, Yoshio Suzuki is still part of the rhythm section to which were added : Hideo Ichikawa, Motohiko Hino & Hiro Tsunoda, Sadao Watanabe, as a guest musician, meanwhile contributes to the beat of Corvallis by percussions (and also flute). All tracks arranged written by Yoshiaki Masuo.

Yoshiaki Masuo_guitar
Hideo Ichikawa_keyboards
Yoshio Suzuki_bass
Motohiko Hino_drums
Hiro Tsunoda_drums, percussions
Sadao Watanabe_flute, percussions
Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet
Takashi Imai_trombone
Shigemichi Domoto_trombone

01. Uptight
02. Shirley
03. 24
04. Corvallis
05. Dirty Mashy Toe
06. Round Trip : Coming
07. Soft Sadness


Brother Jack McDuff - Tobacco Road

Year : 1967
Label : Atlantic
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz

Focused on standards soul grooves and pop tunes, this album was recorded at Chess Studios in 1966 by Brother Jack McDuff and his legendary Hammond B-3. Titles include Shadow Of Your Smile, song from Bob Dylan, Blowin' In The Wind, two original compositions of McDuff, Can't Get Satisfied & Wade In The Water. Arranged & conducted by J.J. Jackson except track 3, 4, 6 and 9 by Brother Jack McDuff.

Brother Jack McDuff_organ
Roland Faulkner & Calvin Green_guitar 
Danny Turner_flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone 
Red Holloway_tenor saxophone
Lonnie Simmons_baritone saxophone
Frederick Berry & King Kolax_trumpet
John Watson_trombone 
Bobby Christian_vibraphone, percussion 
Joe Dukes & Robert Guthrie_drums. 

01. Teardrops From My Eyes
02. Tobacco Road
03. Shadow Of Your Smile
04. Can't Get Satisfied
05. Blowin' In The Wind
06. And the Angels Sing
07. This Bitter Earth See
08. Alexander's Ragtime Band
09. Wade In The Water

Bobbi Humphrey - Fancy Dancer

Year : 1975
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Latin

Bobbi Humphrey is the pseudonym of Barbara Ann, an american jazz flautist and singer who plays in particular in the Soul Jazz & Jazz Fusion Funk styles. Produced & arranged by brothers Fonce and Larry MizellFancy Dancer is her last album of six Blue Note recordings serie after five LPs and one live performance recorded in Montreux Jazz Festival. She was discovered by Be Bop trumpeter Dizzie Gillepsie and recruited renowned musicians as Lee Morgan for Flute In (1971) or Ron Carter on Dig This! (1972). A part of the line-up consists of Chuck RaineyHarvey MasonDorothy Ashby, Skip ScarboroughLarry Mizell & Fonce Mizell.

Bobbi Humphrey_flute, vocals
Chuck Rainey_bass
Craig McMullen & John Rowin_guitar
Dorothy Ashby_harp
Harvey Mason_drums
Tyree Glenn Jr._tenor saxophone
Julian Priester_trombone
Oscar Brashear_trumpet
Fonce Mizell_trumpet & keyboards
Skip ScarboroughLarry Mizell & Jerry Peters_keyboards
Mayuto Correa_congas
Roger Glenn_marimba & vibes

01. Uno Esta
02. The Trip
03. You Make Me Feel So Good
04. Fancy Dancer
05. Mestizo Eyes
06. Sweeter Than Sugar
07. Please Set Me at Ease

Kool And The Gang

Year : 1970
Label : De-Lite
Genre : Jazz, Soul
Style :  Funk/Soul

The first album which introduced the group formed on the Jazziacs' ashes, a high school jazz band founded in 1964 by the Bell brothers (Robert 'Kool' Bell & Ronald 'Khalis' Bell). In 1969, they adopted the Kool & The Gang's name in order to sign on De-Lite Records. Titles include only instrumental tracks including some jazz inspirations. The drums on Give It Up was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest in Scenario, Beastie Boys in Professor Booty and Cypress Hill in The Phuncky Feel One. 

Robert 'Kool' Bell_bass &  
Ronald 'Khalis' Bell_tenor & soprano saxophone, keyboards 
Dennis 'DT' Thomas_alto saxophone, flute, percussions   
Georges 'Funky' Brown_drums
Robert 'Spike' Mickens_trumpet
Claydes 'Charles' Smith_guitar

01. Kool & The Gang
02. Breeze & Soul
03. Chocolate Buttermilk
04. Sea Of Tranquility
05. Give It Up
06. Since I Lost My Baby
07. Kools Back Again
08. The Gangs Back Again
09. Raw Hamburger

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kimiko Kasai - Tokyo Special

Year : 1977
Label : CBS/Sony
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Kimiko Kasai sings here in japanese, surrounded by The Tadaaki Ono Group (string orchestra) and The Colgen Band formed by Hiromasa SuzukiTsunehide MatsukiAkira OkazawaYasushi IchiharaMasafumi Yamaguchi, and Tadaomi 'PepeAnai. The line-up include also additional musicians as Takeru Muraoka from You & The Explosion Band and special guest soloists, Terumasa Hino who brings his talent on Very Special Moment & Tokyo Special (Manhattan Special), Isao Suzuki who contributes on cello to Sorezore No Jinsei. Jazz Funk & Soul Grooves tracks all arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

The Cogen Band :

Hiromasa Suzuki_keyboards
Akira Okazawa_bass
Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Masafumi Yamaguchi_saxophone
Pepe Anai_percussion

Additional Musicians & Special Guest :

Takeru Muraoka_tenor & soprano sax
Shin Kazuhara_trumpet
Koji Hatori_trumpet & flugel horn
Eiji Arai_trombone
Keiko Fukui_harp
Michiko Ogata & Kayoko Wada_backing vocal

01. Vibration (Love Celebration)
02. Yarikake No Jinsei
03. Natsu No Wakare No Image
04. Very Special Moment
05. Hito Ha Sorezore (Just Another Love Song)
06. Tokyo Special (Manhattan Special)
07. Komorebi (Sequoia Forest)
08. Take Me
09. Mattete (Laid Back Mad Or Mellow)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Cither

Year : 1973
Label : RCA
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, World, Psychedelic Moods, Free Improvisations

Rock Joint Cither is an oriental Jazz Rock play, the first part of a trilogy, the Rock Joint project including traditional eastern instruments, by the Hiromasa Suzuki Trio formed with Kunimitsu Inaba & Hideo Sekine plus some additionals musicians featuring saxophonist Takeru Muraoka. Hiromasa 'Colgen' Suzuki was a one the most great japanese jazz pianist, composer & arranger, member of several jazz band, among others the Terumasa Hino Quintet, The Count Buffalos of drummer Akira Ishikawa, The Freedom Unity or also the Electro Keyboard Orchestra featuring Masahiko Satoh and Yuji Ohno. He also work and played for various artists Jiro Inagaki, Kiyoshi Sugimoto or Hiroshi Suzuki around of a trio formed by Hiromasa Suzuki. Titles include all compositions of Suzuki and arranged by him. 

Hiromasa Suzuki_piano & electric piano
Kunimitsu Inaba_bass
Hideo Sekine_drums
Yoko Uehara_sitar
Takeru Muraoka_tenor & soprano saxophone
Takehisa Suzuki_bugle
Tadataka Nakazawa_trombone
Yukio Eto_flute
Hiroshi Yoshinaga
Katsuyoshi Kurusawa_horn

01. Silk Road
02. 3000 B.C.
03. Karei Naru Bamyan
04. Eurasia No Yoake
05. O No Michi
06. Kamigami No Sakebi
07. Gandhara
08. Merv No Tsurugi


Yuji Ohno - Lupin The 3rd Chronicle : 1977 Music File

Year : 2003
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco, Free Improvisations

First volume of four discs compilation series, dedicated to the original soundscape recorded for animated serie Shin Lupin III starting in october 1977 on japanese TV. This compilation includes several unreleased tracks such opening theme & TV size and first versions of the classics Lost In The DesertWaving FlameWalking In A PrimChasing The HustlerNight Flight!!Take A Chance!!, The Game Of Chase, Dangerous Temptation. Performed by Yuji Ohno & You & The Explosion Band featuring Tsunehide Matsuki, Michio Nagaoka, & Yasushi Ichihara.

Yuji Ohno_keyboards
Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Michio Nagaoka_bass 
Susumu Kazuhara_trumpet 
Yuichi Tokashiki & Yasushi Ichihara_drums

01. Prologue                                                  
02. Day By Day                                            
03. Lupin The Suspense                              
04. Lupin The 3rd Theme 1                      
05. Active Guys                                           
06. Lupin The 3rd Theme 2                      
07. Comical                                                  
08. Chasers                                                   
09. Mellow Time                                           
10. Zenigata & Lupin                                    
11. Lupin The 3rd Theme 3                         
12. Midnight Chasers
13. Sweet Lady
14. Trap In The Dark
15. Magical Trick
16. Ballads
17. Lupin The 3rd Theme 4
18. Love Theme Variation
19. Lupin The Western
20. Exotic Highway
21. That's Climax
22. Bitter Sunset
23. Lupin The 3rd Theme 5


Toshiyuki Honda - Burnin' Waves

Year : 1978
Label : King Records
Serie : Electric Bird
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Toshiyuki Honda is a jazz saxophonist, internationaly best known as composer & arranger of various japanese animated movies soundtracks such as "Metropolis" directed by Rin Taro in 2001 or "Nasu : Summer in Andalusia" in 2003. He started his professional career, as a leader, in the middle of the seventies, recording as "Toshiyuki Honda & The Burning Waves", a five albums serie under the Electric Bird Label with the same approach than the famous CTI label, the crossover jazz, whose "Burnin' Waves" was the first. The Burning Waves will form the core of the american fusion group, Seawind, featuring Pauline Wilson, Larry Williams, Jerry Hey & Bud Nuanez.  He was also sideman for bassist Isao Suzuki on "Mongolian Chant" (1980) and enrolled Chick Corea, Miroslav Vitous & Roy Haynes for his "Dream" album in 1983. Titles include various styles from Jazz Funk (Burnin' Waves & Thunder Kiss) to Samba Funk (You Blow My Heart Away, São Paulo & 747 Wind Flight), passing by Afro Cuban Jazz (Havana Candy feat. Pauline Wilson). All tracks arranged & conducted by Chikara Ueda.

Toshiyuki Honda_alto & soprano saxophone, flute
Eiji Arai_trombone
Tadaomi 'Pepe' Anai_percussion
Bob Wilson_drums & percussion
Pauline Wilson_vocal on Havana Candy
Larry Williams_keyboards & percussion
Jerry Hey_trumpet, fluegelhorn, percussion
Gary Herbig_alto & tenor saxophone, alto flute
Ken Wild_bass
Bud Nuanez_guitar

01. Burnin' Waves
02. All-Night Rendez-Vous
03. Thunder Kiss
04. You Blow My Heart Away
05. Just A Dream Away
06. Havana Candy
07. São Paulo
08. 747 Wind Flight


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yuji Ohno & Galaxy - Captain Future (Original Soundtrack)

Year : 1979
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Funk, Disco

The legendary japanese soundtrack composed by Yuji Ohno and performed with the Galaxy band featuring Takao Naoi, Eiji Arai, Takeru Muraoka, Jake H Concepcion and Pepe Anai. Produced in the late seventies, the Space Opera 'Captain Future' was one of the first animated serie broadcasted outside Japan and known a great success around the world. This serie is based on stories of Edmond Hamilton which were published in the Pulp Magazine between 1940 & 1951. Space Jazz Funk, Smooth Jazz & deep grooves served by the Korg Synthesizer and its particular sound. Titles include Space Jazz Funk tunes Andromeda No Kanata Ni & Kirameku Inner Space, opening & ending theme (Yume No Funanori, Poplar-Doori No Uchi), the songs Oira Wa Sabishii Spacemen & Ok! Captain with the chorus from Sendai.

If you can't find original LP, a CD reissue is available and abolutely recommended : 39 tracks compilation, an addition of unreleased tracks not contained in the original edition with another great pearls jazz funk tunes as Mishiranu Wakusei or Captain No Gaisen.

Yuji Ohno_electric piano, Korg synthesizer
Minoru Kuribayashi_organ
Takao Naoi & Kiyoshi Hagiya_electric guitar
Michio Nagaoka_electric bass
Yasushi Ichihara_drums
Pepe Anai_percussion
Takeru Muraoka_tenor saxophone
Jake H Concepcion_alto saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi & Susumu Kazuhara_trumpet
Eiji Arai_trombone
Isao Kaneyama_vibes

And others...

01. Yume No Funanori - Opening
02. Andromeda No Kanata Ni
03. Uzumaku Sargasso
04. Nagareboshi No Dance
05. Toki No Lost World
06. Shinobi Yoru Invader
07. O-Yasumi Future Man
08. Oira Wa Sabishii Spacemen
09. Kirameku Inner Space
10. Toumei Wakusei E Warp
11. Astronaut No Toki
12. OK! Captain
13. Icarus No Hoshi
14. Youki Na Alien
15. Ijigen No Eden
16. Poplar-Doori No Uchi - Ending


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reuben Wilson - Got To Get Your Own

Year : 1975
Label : Cadet Records
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

Soul Grooves & Jazz Funk by one organist emblem of the Soul Jazz from the 60's. Personnel includes incredible talented players as the JB's saxophonist Pee Wee Ellis, drummer Bernard Purdie, Houston Person (saxophone), Joe Newman & Jon Faddis (trumpet), Garnett Brown (trombone), Richard Tee (keyboards), Wilbur Bascomb, Jr. (electric bass). Arranged by Reuben Wilson & Brad Baker.

01. What the People Gon' Say
02. In the Booth, In the Back, In the Corner, In the Dark
03. Back Rub
04. Tight Money
05. Stoned Out Of My Mind
06. Together (You & Me)
07. Got to Get Your Own

Monday, October 3, 2011

Disk Union In Tokyo

Interesting shops where you can find everything according to your wishes...Used & New, CDs & Vinyls, a wide range of prices. I visited two shops in particular in Shibuya (SHIBUYA JAZZ/RARE GROOVE STORE, Shibuya-ku Udagawa-cho 30-7 Antena 21 Bldg) & Shinjuku (SHINJUKU JAZZ STORE, Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 3-31-2). I found this rare LP Terumasa Hino Quartet' Alone, Alone and Alone in the Shibuya shop.

Disk Union Jazz
Rare Groove/J-Jazz/Latin & Bossa Nova
Disk Union Latin, Brazil
World Music/Brazilian & Latin Beats
Disk Union Black
Soul/Funk/Rhythm & Blues
Disk Union Club Music Online
Hip-Hop Jazz & Old School/J-Hip-Hop/Mixtape
Disk Union Rock Web Shop
60's-70's Rock & Pop/Indie/Alternative

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