Friday, October 15, 2010

The Soul Medium - Woodstock Generation

Year : 1969
Label : Union
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic Moods

Jiro Inagaki is an iconic member of the japanese Jazz Rock scene during the seventies with his Soul Media group, based around Ryo Kawasaki, Yasuo Arakawa, Masaru Imada and Sadakazu Tabata. Woodstock Generation is a psychedelic jazz tribute album to the Woodstock Festival, recorded by The Soul Medium, a Jazz Rock band, first incarnation of The Soul Media. Titles include first versions of the classic Jiro's songs, Head Rock & The Ground For Peace (an original composition of Yasuo Arakawa, especially for Jiro), Knick Knack by Masahiko Sato, and three songs performed at the festival by Sly & Family Stone (I Want To Take You Higher), The Who (Summertime Blues) and Ten Years After (Spoonful). All tracks arranged by Jiro Inagaki.

Jiro Inagaki_saxophone
Masaru Imada_organ
Ryo Kawasaki_guitar
Yasuo Arakawa_bass
Sadakazu Tabata_drums
Tetsuo Fushimi & Shunzo Ohno_trumpet

01. Opening
02. Woodstock
03. I Want To Take You Higher
04. Mamma Told Me (Not To Come)
05. Summertime Blues
06. Spoonful
07. The Ground For Peace
08. Head Rock
09. Knick Knack


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Uyama Hiroto - A Son Of The Sun

Year : 2008
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo

Debut album of Nujabes' good friend, Uyama Hiroto, japanese saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist & Hip-Hop producer, who has frequently collaborated & worked for various Hydeout productions (Nujabes own label). His own productions also ranks as well in Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, Downtempo that Nu, Cool & Future Jazz. Titles include, in particular, his singles, 81Summer/Color Of Jade, One Dream/Carbon Rose, Waltz For Life Will Reborn  and two featurings with  Pase Rock on Fly Love Song and Golden Boy from Specifics on Vision Eyes. All tracks produced & mixed by Nujabes & Uyama Hiroto.

01. 81Summer
02. Climbed Mountain
03. One Dream
04. Nightwood
05. Waltz For Life Will Reborn
06. Ribbon In The Sea
07. Port51 (Interlude)
08. Carbon Rose
09. Vision Eyes
10. Fly Love Song
11. Last Transit (Interlude)
12. Stratus
13. Walk In The Sunset
14. Color Of Jade


Friday, October 1, 2010

S.Sawada = T.Muraoka & The All-Stars - Hit And Hit In Bossa Nova

Year : 1968
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz, Pop
Style : Bossa Nova, Easy Listening

Twelve nice tracks to the latin mood performed by one of japanese jazz greats, the guitarist Shungo Sawada, reminding the fingering of the master Wes Montgomery. It's not only talking about Bossa Nova but rather of a subtle blend of Pop, Easy Listening & Latin tunes that Sawada serves us here. Recorded  in association of the saxophonist Takeru Muraoka (from the famous Count Buffalos band of drummer Akira Ishikawa), they are surrounded by the Nippon Columbia All-Stars featuring The Freedom Unity' member, Hiroshi Suzuki, bassist Yoshio Ikeda from Terumasa Hino Quintet & Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet and the great arranger Norio Maeda. The group revisits some standards of the japanese pop released in 1968, including songs from various pop artists such as Jun Mayuzumi (Angel Love) and GS rock bands as The Tigers (Flower Necklace), the Tempters (The Legend Of Emerald) or the Folk Crusaders (Kanashikute Yarikirenai). All tracks arranged by Norio Maeda.

Shungo Sawada_guitar
Takeru Muraoka_saxophone
Norio Maeda_piano, arrangements
Hiroshi Suzuki_trombone
Yoshio Ikeda_bass
Nishikawa Takaaki_drums

01. The Legend Of Emerald (Emerald No Densetsu)
02. Angel Love (Tenshi No Yūwaku)
03. Hoshi O Minaide
04. Summer Grass
05. Omoide No Yubiwa
06. Yume de Iikara
07. Koi No Tokimeki
08. C, C, C
09. Flower Necklace (Hana No Kubikazari)
10. Kanashikute Yarikirenai (Unbearably Sad)
11. Ai No Sono
12. Hana No Madonna


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shungo Sawada And All Stars - Fool On The Hill

Year : 1969
Label : Victor
Genre : Jazz
Style : Contempory Jazz, Soul Jazz

Shungo Sawada is the world's largest contributor to modern jazz guitar in Japan and also renowed in Bossa Nova. An album which reminds the Wes Montgomery style from the late sixties and released on Verve and A&M labels. He's accompanied by Big Band orchestra and some notorious players and two japanese Jazz Giants as Norio Maeda & Masahiko Sato on the same record ! Titles include Soul Jazz style (Chattanooga Choo Choo), a reprise from The Beatles cover Fool on the Hill, The Look Of Love and jazz standard' Satin Doll. All tracks arranged by Norio Maeda & Masahiko Sato.

Shungo Sawada_guitar
Norio Maeda_organ
Masahiko Sato_piano
Yasuo Arakawa_bass
Takeshi Inomata_drums

01. Up, Up and Away
02. Satin Doll
03. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
04. You and The Night and The Music
05. Israel
06. Fool on The Hill
07. Chattanooga Choo Choo
08. The Look of Love

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sadao Watanabe (Self-Titled)

Year : 1972
Label : CBS/Sony
Genre : Jazz
Style : Fusion, World, Traditionnal, Free Improvisations
Website :

After completing explore the entire Brazilian music in the sixties and to become the representative of the genus in Japan, Sadao has put aside Bossa Nova to enter in a new era with this iconic album which opens his African period. From return of East Africa when he visited Kenya, Sadao recruited new musicians featuring trombonist Hiroshi Fukumura and operates now the African musical culture mixing the rhythms to the free forms of experimental jazz. Each track can be seen as the theatrical representation of the African Culture. All tracks mixed by Kunihiko Sugano at Iino Hall.

Sadao Watanabe_alto saxophone, sopranino, flute & african percussions
Hiroshi Fukumura_trombone
Fumio Itabashi_keyboards
Masayuki Takayanagi_guitar
Mitsuaki Furuno_bass
Arihide Kurata_drums

01. Sasa
02. Mtoto
03. Mtelenko
04. Poromoko La Maji
05. Kijiji
06. Barabara
07. Mombasa
08. Upepo
09. Umeme

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reuben Wilson - Blue Mode

Year : 1969
Label : Blue Note
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz

Jazz organist Reuben Wilson's & the famous Hammond B-3 organ in probably his best album. Influenced by Richard 'Groove' Holmes and Jimmy Smith, Reuben worked with Grant Green, Sam Rivers or Roy Haynes formed his first group The Wildare Express in 1966 with Tommy Derrick who are also present on this record. The line-up consists of John Manning, Melvin Sparks and Tommy Derrick of course. Titles include huge groove Melvin' tune, Bamboo, Soul cover by Eddie Flyod (Knock On Wood). All tracks composed by Reuben Wilson except those mentionned. Produced by Francis Wolf and recorded at studio Rudy Van Gelder.
Reuben Wilson_organ
Melvin Sparks_guitar
Tommy Derrick_drums
John Manning_tenor saxophone

01. Bambu
02. Knock On Wood
03. Bus Ride
04. Orange Peel
05. Twenty-Five Miles
06. Blue Mode

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media - Head Rock

Year : 1970
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Takt Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Rock, Psychedelic

Ultimate & most wanted japanese rare groove recorded by the saxophonist Jiro Inagaki, one of the main actor of the Japanese Jazz Rock & Progressive scene. In 1963, Jiro Inagaki was recruited by Helen Merrill for her first album recorded in Japan, "In Tokyo" with the Takeshi Inomata's West Liners group, and later formed various jazz band as the All-Stars, The (Black) Rhythm Machine or, of course, The Soul Media. Recorded in 1969 and released under the famous Takt Jazz Series from Nippon Columbia, Head Rock includes psychedelic guitar effects, great drum breaks, acid & electronic organ sounds, performed by The Soul Media, featuring some future japanese jazz great names, such as Ryo Kawasaki (in his first professional appearance), Yasuo Arakawa, Masaru Imada or Tetsuo Fushimi. Titles includes cover & original songs from Hal Galper (The Vamp),  and Willie Dixon (an amazing version of Spoonful), five composed by Ryo Kawasaki (Twenty One), Masaru Imada (High Jack), Yasuo Arakawa (The Ground For Peace) and Jiro (Head Rock). All tracks arranged by Jiro Inagaki.

Jiro Inagaki_alto & tenor saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet
Masaru Imada_organ 
Yasuo Arakawa_bass
Ryo Kawasaki_guitar
Sadakazu Tabata_drums

01. The Vamp
02. Twenty One
03. Spoonful
04. Back To Rack
05. High Jack
06. The Ground For Peace
07. Head Rock


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Terumasa Hino Quartet - Alone, Alone And Alone

Year : 1970/1967
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Takt Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz
Style : Hard Bop, Post Bop, Modal, Cool Jazz
Website : Terumasa

Terumasa Hino is probably the best and the most famous Japanese jazz trumpeter, one of Japan's finest jazz giant influenced by Miles Davis (his american counterpart) & the Fumio 'Satchmo' Nanri's legacy (trumpeter who played with Louis Amstrong). Hino had the opportunity to work with Sadao Watanabe and others Jazz masters such as Joe Henderson, Elvin Jones, Gil Evans or Jackie McLean. From 1967 to 1970, he played regularly with this formation based on Kunimitsu Inaba and his young brother Motohiko, whose Alone, Alone And Alone is their first recording and also the first jazz album released under his own name, recorded in 1967 but released in 1970. After a interlude with Masabumi Kikuchi (Hino=Kikuchi Quintet - 1968), the group takes its final form featuring saxophonist Takeru Muraoka and the new pianist Hiromasa Suzuki who replaced Yuji Ohno. Titles include Cool Jazz songs as the introducing & Downswing, other superb gems as the brilliant Soulful, demonstrating his great trumpet skill, a variation of George Gershwin' Summertime played in the modal style & B-Lunch. All tracks composed & arranged by Terumasa Hino.

Terumasa Hino_trumpet
Yuji Ohno_piano
Kunimitsu Inaba_bass
Motohiko Hino_drums

01. Alone, Alone And Alone
02. Soulful
03. Summertime
04. Downswing
05. B-Lunch 


Shin-Ski Of Martiangang - Re-Shinstruction

Year : 2008
Label : Soul Believer
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Hip Hop Jazz

Re-Shinstruction is a remix compilation by Shin-Ski. Remix offers from CL Smooth, Funky DL, Insight, Time Machine or ShinSight Trio plus four original songs. All cuts & beats by himself, except track 2 cuts by Mista Donut. Recorded at Cosmic Notes Lab.

01. Shintro
02. CL Smooth / I Can’t Help It
03. Time Machine / The Wiggle
04. Soloplexus / Red Handed
05. Do It 4 The Children
06. Fine Artz / Ultrasonic
07. Shinsight Trio / Heart
08. Artoffical / Big City Bright Lights
09. Funky DL / Not The 1 4 Me
10. Trying
11. Insight / Bother Me
12. Soloplexus / When Things Go Right Something Goes Wrong
13. Zimbabwe Legit feat. Mike G (Jungle Brothers)
14. Verses / Ms. O’Ginny
15. Shinsight Trio / Heart
16. R U 4 Real??
17. Moon Baker / ABC Of Romance

Sonia Rosa - A Bossa Rosa de Sonia

Year : 1967
Label : Continental
Genre : Latin Jazz
Style : Bossa Nova

Recorded when she was just eighteen years old with guitarist Chiquinho De Moraes, arranger for Brazilian singers Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa. Sonia sings and plays guitar featuring great orchestra with groovy horns & mellow strings conducted by Chiquinho De Moraes. Titles include six original songs written by Sonia, the Chico Buarque' Quem Te Viu, Quem Te Vé, the Bossa Nova standard Cheiro De Saudade by Djalma Ferreira. Produced by Alfredo Borba, all tracks arranged & by Chiquinho De Moraes.

01. Olhe Meu Bem
02. Marambaia
03. Voltar para Ficar
04. Quem te Viu, Quem te Ve
05. Parquinho do Meu Bairro
06. Lata D'Agua
07. Adeus Guacyra
08. Mas nao Da
09. Cheiro de Saudade
10. ...E Fim
11. Caminhemos
12. Ressalva


Eric Burdon And War - The Black-Man's Burdon

Year : 1970
Label : MGM
Genre : Jazz, Rock, Soul
Style : Blues Rock, Jazz Rock

The Black-Man's Burdon is a double LP with a great longtime reprise of famous Rolling Stone's song Paint it Black. Eric Burdon and War were reunited to perform a concert at the Royal Albert Hall London on 21 April 2008.

Eric Burdon & War :

Lee Oskar on harmonica,
Lonnie Jordan on organ & piano,
Papa Dee Allen on percussion & conga,
Harold Brown on drums,
B.B. Dickerson on bass & chorus,
rd E. Scott on guitar & chorus,
Charles Miller on flute & tenor saxophone.

01. Paint It Black Medley
a) Black On Black In Black
b) Paint It Black
c) Laurel & Hardy

d) Pintelo Negro
e) P.C. 3
f) Blackbird

02. Spirit
03. Beautiful New Born Child
04. Nights In White Satin I
05. The Bird & The Squirrel
06. Nuts, Seeds & Life
07. Out Of Nowhere
08. Nights In White Satin II
09. Sun / Moon
10. Pretty Colors
11. Gun
12. Jimbo
13. Bare Back Ride
14. Home Cookin’
15. They Can’t Take Away Our Music

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Akira Ishikawa And His Group - Drum Screen Drum

Year : 1971
Label : Crown
Genre : Jazz, Stage & Screen
Style : Jazz Rock, Pop

Akira Ishikawa has recorded five albums between november 1970 & august 1971 for the DRUM DRUM DRUM series from the CROWN label (not to be confused with the same serie produced by Toshiba) : "Christmas", "Classic", "Presley" & "Yagi Bushi". This volume is devoted to international movie themes including Easy Rider, The Graduate, french New Wave films as Mélodie En Sous-Sol, Plein Soleil and 15 Jours en France which were all broadcasted on japanese screens.

01. Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Burt Bacharach)
02. Melodie En Sous-Sol (Michel Magne)
03. Un Homme Et Une Femme (Francis Lai)
04. Le Voyou (Francis Lai)
05. The Circle Game (J. Mitchell)
06. Stand by Your Man (B.Sherrill-T.Wynette)
07. Theme From Love Story (Francis Lai)
08. (Crewe-Johnson-Penniman)
09. Theme De La Leçon Particulière (Francis Lai)
10. Che Vuole Questa Musica Stasera (R.Murolo)
11. Melody Fair (Barry, Robin & Gibb)
12. Sounds of Silence (Paul Simon)
13. 15 Jours En France (Francis Lai)
14. Plein Soleil (N.Rota)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shin-Ski - Planetarium

Year : 2009
Label : Octave
Genre : Electronic
Style : Downtempo

Prolific DJ & producer Shin-ski from Shinsight trio is also a member of production team called Martiangang with DJ Real, Designed People with Koji Taninaka & Levitatorz with DJ RYOW. His new instrumental album (the second) with mellow & electronica jazz. All beats by Shin-Ski, cuts by DJ FUL on Spica, guitar by Mattan on Sirius.

01. Fomalhaut
02. Europa
03. Antares
04. Southern Cross
05. Procyon
06. Asteroid'S Belt
07. Deneb
08. Polaris
09. Aldebaran
10. Altair
11. Rigel
12. Mirfak
13. Sirius
14. Orion's Belt
15. Spica
16. Canopus
17. Vega

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Substantial - To This Union A Sun Was Born

Year : 2001
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Funk/Soul, Conscious

Stan Robinson known as Substantial, is a MC from Brooklyn, member of Extented Famm and more recently Bop Alloy groups. His first LP is entirely recorded, produced by Nujabes and released for Hyde Out Recordings, contains as well as Bossa Nova beats (Home Sweet Home), Jazz samples (Ain't No Happy Ending),  than Funk (Substance & Be People) & Soul (Love Song & If I Was Your Mic). Titles include singles CIM, Home Sweet Home, Kalitwutchawon2 & Remembering Dave, all released on Hyde Out Recordings. Include also, featurings with Monorisick (cuts & scratches on C.I.M.) & DJ Kiyo (cuts & scratches on Be People). All songs written by Substantial, produced by Nujabes & Monorisick, recorded & mixed by Nujabes.

  • Japan edition includes the bonus track It I Was Your Mic (DJ KIYO MIX)

01. Intro
02. Substance
03. C.I.M.
04. More Than A Game
05. Somebody Stole My Shit
06. If I Was Your Mic
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Kalitwutchawon2
09. Be People
10. Love Song
11. Banana
12. Remembering Dave
13. Ain't No Happy Ending


Thursday, June 3, 2010

DJ Mitsu The Beats - Blue Impressions

Year : 2004
Label : Blue Note/Fabulous Records
Genre : Jazz, Electronic
Style : Mixtape, Hip Hop Jazz, Soul Jazz

A mixtape/compilation of different artists from the label Blue Note by Mitsu. From Blue Note rare groove series like Bobby Hutcherson, Donald Byrd, Lou Donaldson, John Patton or Gene Harris. Also latest artists from the label like Soulive (Funk/Jazz trio) & Madlib (Hip-Hop Jazz).

01. Montara
02. Montara (The Roots Remix)
03. Madlib/Distant Land
04. Distant Land
05. Uno Esta
06. Tuesday Heartbreak
07. New York Times
08. New York Times (Dj Spinna Remix)
09. Soulive/Clap! ((featuring Black Thought)
10. Koko And Lee Roe
11. Abdullah And Abraham
12. Think Twice
13. Tidal Wave
14. Ode To Billie Joe
15. Rain Every Thursday
16. Who Knows What
17. Crying Angels
18. Alfie's Theme
19. Sweet Pea
20. Cirrus

Saturday, May 29, 2010

N.Maeda = J.Inagaki And The All-Stars - This Is Jazz Rock

Year : 1968
Label : Nippon Columbia
Genre : Jazz
Style : Soul Jazz

The great pianist Norio Maeda associated to saxophonist Jiro Inagaki and the Columbia All-Stars band featuring Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Tetsuo Fushimi & Takeshi Inomata. Norio Maeda was best known as Jazz arranger & pop composer in television programs and soundtrack for japanese movies. Norio has arranged several Jazz Rock albums and also played in Akira IshikawaCount Buffaloes. Despite the fact that album' title is appointed Jazz-Rock, Norio revisits here some of classic cover songs from Jazz, Pop, Rhythm&Blues in a Soul Jazz version including titles by The Beatles, The Barkays, The Temptations, Zawinul/Adderlay or Herbie HancockThis Is Jazz-Rock was reissue for the Yasuharu Konishi Classics Serie on his Columbia*Readymade label.

Norio Maeda_organ
Jiro Inagaki_tenor saxophone
Kiyoshi Sugimoto_guitar
Tetsuo Fushimi_trumpet
Takeshi Inomata_drums
Tatsuro Takimoto_bass
Osamu Nakajima_percussions

01. Pata-Pata
02. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
03. Day Tripper
04. Snap-Shot
05. My Girl
06. Boom Boom
07. Watermelon Man
08. Barock
09. House Of The Rising Sun
10. Go Go A Go Go
11. Soul Finger
12. Here, There & Everywhere


Friday, May 14, 2010

Lyn Collins - Think (About It)

Year : 1972
Label : People Records/Polydor
Genre : Soul
Style : Funk/Soul

First album solo by the James Brown's Female Preacher who joined the James Brown Revue in the early seventies. For this album, she's surrounded by the JB's including four titles especially written for her by James Brown, Just Won't Do Right, Things Got To Get BetterWomen's Lib  & the biggest hit Think (About It). Titles include also a cover of Bill Withers, the superb Ain't No Sunshine, Gamble & HuffNever Gonna Give You Up and the jazz standard, Fly Me To The Moon. All tracks produced & arranged by Dave Matthews & James Brown.

01. Think (About It)
02. Just Won't Do Right
03. Wheels Of Life
04. Ain't No Sunshine
05. Things Got To Get Better
06. Never Gonna Give You Up
07. Reach Out For Me
08. Women's Lib
09. Fly Me To The Moon

Marlena Shaw - The Spice Of Life

Year : 1969
Label : Cadet
Genre : Soul, Jazz
Style : Funk/Soul

One of the best Soul album ever recorded, The Spice of Life is the second studio album recorded by Marlena Shaw, his last for Cadet Records (division of Chess Records), before she signed for Blue Note. Titles include the cult Woman Of The Ghetto, the groovy Liberation Conversation written by Marlena, the protest song, I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free) popularized by Nina Simone and her hit single California Soul by Ashford & Simpson. Produced & arranged by  Richard Evans/Charles Stepney. This album his a huge classic for international DJs, the song California Soul was notably sampled by DJ Sadow for Midnight In A Perfect World extract from Endtroducing (1996). 

01. Woman Of The Ghetto
02. Stormy Monday
03. Where Can I Go ?
04. I'm Satisfied
05. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel to Be Free)
06. Liberation Conversation
07. California Soul
08. Go Away, Little Boy
09. Looking Through the Eyes of Love
10. Anyone Can Move a Mountain

Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Five - LUPIN THE THIRD [JAZZ] - The 10th~New Flight

Year : 2006
Label :
Genre : Jazz
Style :
Jazz Funk, Contempory Jazz
Website : 大野雄二 Official Website - Vap

Yuji Ohno introduces his new band, the Lupintic Five featuring special guest saxophonist Masabumi Yamaguchi (in groups Motohiko Hino Quartet, Yosuke Yamashita Trio, played with Hiromasa Suzuki). Among the best productions that the band have recorded including some great grooves with the standards of Original Soundtrack from Lupin III, Straight Ahead, Cool Jazz & Bossa Nova compositions (Hot Samba & Love Squall) plus two originals tracks. All tracks composed & arranged by Yuji Ohno.

Yuji Ohno_piano & electric piano
Yoshihito Eto_drums,
Masayuki Tawarayama_
wood bass & electric bass,
Keiji Matsushima_
Hisatsugu Suzuki
& Masabumi Yamaguchi _soprano & tenor sax
Satoshi Izumi_guitar

01. Hot Samba
02. Theme From Lupin III
03. Love Theme
04. Manhattan Joke
05. Love Squall
06. Treasures Of Time
07. Isn't It Lupintic ?
08. Tornado
09. Zenigata March
10. Party's Over


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Various - Modal Soul Classics By Nujabes

Year : 2008
Label : Hyde Out Recordings
Genre : Electronic, Hip Hop, Latin Jazz
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Future Jazz
Website :

Modal Soul Classics is a compilation/concept album planned by Nujabes including some of his inspirations and influences from various artists of US, Europe & Japan. Nujabes brings together various genres including as well as electro-lounge or Downtempo featuring Scoot Matelic, Goldfix, Hepcram, Clammbon, Hip-Hop feat. Specifics, Unison, Latin with Omar Sosa, LAVA, Jazz with Sleepwalker, Takero Ogata, Haki R Madhubuti and even Pop mood with DSK & Todd Rundgren. All tracks recorded between 1974-2005. Compiled & mastered by Nujabes for Hyde Out Productions.

01. To Impress The Empress / Scoot Matelic from Primitive Pessimist LP (2004)
02. Ai-No-Kawa / Sleepwalker from Sleepwalker LP (2003)
03. Atoll Moao / Goldlix from Atoll Moao 12" (2005)
04. Under the Hood / Specifics from Lonely City LP (2004)
05. Winter Lane / DSK from CRUE-L LP (2006)
06. Mourn, Sob & Cry / Blue Asia from Hotel Ibah LP (2001)
07. Children / Haki R Madhubuti from Medasi LP (1984)
08. Sound Network / Unison from Sound Network EP (2005)
09. Omnipresence / Takero Ogata from Quiet Will LP (2003)
10. A Dream Goes On Forever  / Todd Rundgren from Todd LP (1974)
11. Dionna / Heprcam from Cohcox LP (2004)
12. Folklore / Clammbon from Imagination LP (2003)
13. Vem Para Ficar / LAVA from Aile Alegria LP (2001)
14. Iyawo / Omar Sosa from Mulatos LP (2004)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Astrud Gilberto - Now

Year : 1972
Label : Perception Records
Genre : Jazz, Latin Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk, Samba, Bossa Nova

The second album by Astrud Gilberto with brazilian arranger Eumir Deodato featuring wellknown musicians from CTI as Ron Carter, Billy Cobham, Airto Moreira, Bob Cranshaw plus chorus formed by Maria Helena Toledo and Nick La Sorsa. As on her previous LP (Gilberto With Turrentine - 1971), Astrud leaves Bossa Nova, where she was able to show all her talent, and turns to Soul & Funk music to become a songwriter and internationally renowned Pop singer. So, she recruits R&B arranger Boo Frazier and Stax/Volt songwriter, David Louis Jordan, as associate producers to obtain a mix between Rhythm & Blues and Latin grooves : the typical sound of Latin Soul. Titles include the earliest compositions of Astrud Gilberto and the Jordan' collaborations, Touching You and Take It Easy, My Brother Charlie (later covered by japanese singer Kahimi Karie). Produced by Astrud Gilberto &  arranged Eumir Deodato.   

Astrud Gilberto_vocal
Eumir Deodato_acoustic guitar, vocals
Al Gaffa_guitar
Bob Cranshaw, Patrick Adams & Ron Carter_bass
Mike Longo_keyboards
Billy Cobham, Jr. & Mickey Rocker_drums
Airto Moreira_percussion
01. Zigy Zigy Za
02. Make Love to Me
03. Baiao
04. Touching You
05. Gingele
06. Take It Easy, My Brother Charlie
07. Where Have You Been?
08. General Da Banda
09. Bridges
10. Daybreak (Walking Out on Yesterday)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet - Country Dream

Year : 1969
Label : Nippon Columbia
Serie : Takt Jazz Series
Genre : Jazz
Style : Hard Bop, Post Bop, Jazz Rock

First solo album recorded for the New Stream In Jazz collection of the Columbia' Takt Jazz Series, by one of the most finest japanese jazz guitarist. Sugimoto who was sideman for Yuji Ohno, played also with trumpeter Terumasa Hino, worked for arranger Norio Maeda, but best known as a member in group, the Count Buffalos of drummer Akira Ishikawa. The Kiyoshi Sugimoto Quartet features Motohiko Hino, Yoshio Ikeda and Hiromasa Suzuki in charge of arrangements. Titles include only compositions of Hiromasa Suzuki except Country Dream by Kiyoshi Sugimoto. All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

Kiyoshi Sugimoto_guitar
Hiromasa Suzuki_piano
Yoshio Ikeda_bass
Motohiko Hino_drums

01. Country Dream
02. Step Ahead
03. The Apple
04. Limited Space
05. D-51


Monday, May 3, 2010

Soul Strings & A Funky Horn

Year : 1968
Label :
Solid State
Genre :
Style :

Solid State Records was a famous Jazz label founded in 1966 by producers Sonny Lester and Phil Ramone associated to arranger Manny Albam. The label released original recordings in the mid to late 1960s by Joe Williams, Chick Corea, Jimmy McGriff, Dizzy Gillespie, The Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra and many others before its jazz artists were consolidated under United Artists' Blue Note label. This album was performed by studio players from the label mixing Soul Jazz & Jazz Funk.

01. The Look Of Love
02. Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
03. Grazing In The Grass
04. Stoned Soul Picnic
05. What The World Needs Now Is Love
06. This Guy’s In Love With You
07. Baby You Come Rollin’ Across My Mind
08. Hang ‘Em High
09. Think
10. Bring A Little Lovin’
11. Yester Love
12. Mrs. Robinson

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kimiko Kasai - Just Friends 'Kimiko Kasai' Concert

Year : 1970
Label : King Records
Serie : NEWS
Genre : Jazz
Style : Contempory Jazz, Vocal

Debut album by Kimiko Kasai, first official record of a famous japanese jazz vocalist (the Japanese Marlena Shaw) who was born in Kyoto in 1945 and introduced on japanese jazz scene by pianist Yuzuru Sera. She went to Tokyo in 1964 and became a featured member in Yuzuru Sera' group with whom she recorded The Modern Playing Mate : Yuzuru Sera Trio introducing Kimiko Kasai in 1968. After that time, she released many others albums with her own name or in collaboration with some of the most renowned musicians in the jazz field, such as Mal Waldron (One For Lady - 1971), Gil Evans (Satin Doll - 1972), Stan GetzOliver Nelson (In Person - 1974), Kohsuke Mine Quartet (Yellow Carcass In Blue - 1975), Cedar Walton Trio (Kimiko Is Here - 1977) or also Herbie Hancock (Butterfly - 1979). This live performance was recorded at the Yamaha Hall, Tokyo, performed with Yuji Ohno Trio, is considered as her official first solo album.

Kimiko Kasai_vocal
Yuji Ohno_piano
Takashi Mizuhashi_bass 
Tetsujirō Ohara _drums

01. There Will Never Be Another You
02. Sunny
03. Exactly Like You
04. Just In Time
05. Wild Is The Wind
06. By The Time I Get To Phoenix
07. Bewiched
08. Get Out Of Town
09. Good Life
10. Just Friends


Friday, April 16, 2010

Jurassic 5 - Power In Numbers

Year : 2002
Label : Interscope Records
Genre : Hip Hop
Style : Hip Hop Jazz, Conscious, Funk/Soul
Website :

Jurassic 5 was an American alternative Hip Hop group from Los Angeles and formed in 1993 by MC's Chali 2na, Akil, Zaakir, Mark 7even, DJ's Cut Chemist (one of the best turnabilist known who left the band in 2006) and DJ Nu-Mark. They released their first single on the independent label Blunt Recordings in 1995 (Unified Rebelution) before signed to Rumble for the Jurassic 5 EP (reissue on Interscope).  Power In Numbers represents the peak of their career, after the second LP  Quality Control (2000) & Jurassic 5 LP (1998), is probably their most popular album. Titles include featurings with Big Daddy Kane & Percy P (A Day At The Races), Nelly Furtado (Thin Line), Kool Keith (DDT), Boy Wonder (Hey) & JuJu (One Of Them), their hit singles What's Golden & If You Only Knew. All tracks produced by Cut Chemist & DJs Nu-Mark except If You Only Knew, One Of Them by JuJu and Hey by Sa-Ra Creative Partners.

01. This Is
02. Freedom
03. If You Only Knew
04. Break
05. React
06. A Day At The Races
07. Remember His Name
08. What's Golden
09. Thin Line
10. After School Special
11. High Fidelity
12. Sum Of Us
13. DDT
14. One Of Them
15. Hey
16. I Am Somebody
17. Acetate Prophets

Five Deez - Slow Children Playing

Year : 2005
Label :
Ample Soul
Genre :
Hip Hop, Electronic
Style :
Jazzy Hip-Hop, Abstract, Conscious

Five Deez is a american Hip-Hop Band from Cincinnati formed in the nineties by the DJ John Marshall best known as Fat Jon The Ample Soul with rappers Patrick Johnson (Phase Rock), Kyle David (Chilly Most) & Corey Brown (Sonic). Five Deez has worked with several US & Japan Hip-Hop artists such as J.Rawls, Blackstar, Mos Def, Nujabes or Shing02. Among Five Deez’s influences can be counted Electro, Trip-Hop & Jazz. This compilation gathers several of their early recordings  & unreleased productions recorded between 1993-1999 including Cerebral Attax, Gateway featuring the Hip-Hop band Mood (also from Cincinnati) or What Happens (Remix). All tracks arranged & composed by Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician.

01. Cerebral Attax
02. Nek Shit
03. Skinterlude
04. Skin Huntin
05. Sunny Day
06. Collision (Interlude)
07. Disgust (Ver. 2.0)
08. Fallin
09. Peace Out (Interlude)
10. Rip Mode
11. Gateway 2000 feat. Mood
12. Fivebluntwenties (Interlude)
13. 2 All Beginners
14. Dimensional Portals
15. Tite Spots (Interlude)
16. What Happens (Remix)
17. Timeline (Ver. 3.0)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Akira Ishikawa - Back To Rhythm

Year : 1975
Label : Columbia
Genre : Jazz
Style : Jazz Funk

A Jazz Funk album which closing the African period of Akira Ishikawa, always surrounded by his fabulous Count Buffalos featuring Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Takeru Muraoka, Larry Sunaga plus arranger Hiromasa Suzuki. Titles include Pop covers from The Beatles to Simon & Garfunkel, classics of Funk as the Do It Til You're Satisfied of the BT' Express or the Boogie On Reggae Woman by Stevie Wonder, a groovy variation of Pick Up The Pieces by the Average White Band (played like James Brown), I Shot The Sheriff (from the Eric Clapton version), Bongo Rock (Incredible Bongo Band) and the Fela Kuti's Let's Start. All tracks arranged by Hiromasa Suzuki.

Akira Ishikawa_drums, vocals, african percussions
Masaoki Terakawa_bass
Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Takao Naoi & Tsunehide Matsuki_guitar
Hiromasa Suzuki_synthetizer
Takeru Muraoka & Masao Suzuki_saxophones
Eiji Arai_trombone
Koji Hatori_trumpet
Larry Sunaga_percussions

01. I've Got To Use My Imagination
02. Bongo Rock
03. Do It'til You're Satisfied
04. Hey Jude
05. El Condor Pasa
06. Pick Up The Pieces
07. Love Is The Answer
08. I Shot The Sheriff
09. Let's Start
10. Boogie On Reggae Woman


Monday, January 18, 2010

Pat D - Take A Little Time

Year : 2008
Label : A Bridge Too Far Recordings
Genre : Hip-Hop
Style : Jazzy Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Nu-Soul

Second recording of Patrick Dooner aka Pat D released for the independant label, A Bridge Too Far Recordings. Pat D is a producer, beatmaker & DJ from England who collaborated, in 2009, with french producers, the Fakehunters. Take a Little Time is undoubtedly inspired by the Soul Jazz & Swing styles featuring several artists from UK, US & France including MC's and vocalists Melodiq, Elodie Rama, Fisto,Voice, Lady Paradox, Lauren Jade and Sene. All tracks composed & produced by Pat D. All cuts, beats & scratches by Pat D.

  • Intro/Relax Your Mind contains sample of Pure Imagination extract from BJ4 by Bob James

01. Intro
02. Melodiq - Relax Your Mind
03. Fisto & Elodie Rama - Laisse Couler L'encre
04. Efeks - Retrospection
05. Lauren Jade - Need Me Around
06. Melodiq & Lady Paradox - In Control
07. Voice - Fly Away
08. Lady Paradox & Lauren Jade - Moments
09. Eva Lazarus - Good Times
10. Melodiq - Come Along
11. Lady Paradox - Joint Thoughts
12. Sene - Peace
13. Lauren Jade - Silly Head
14. Melodiq - Rockin' With The Best
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